After having installed the above dependencies, and ran the Optional (If not using any CI Server) or Required (If using any CI Server) CI Setup Step, then just run the following commands to use it:

You can run and test the app in your local development machine or you can run and test directly in a remote machine. You can also run and test in a production environment.


The below commands will start everythin in development environment. To start in a production environment, suffix -prod to every make command.

For example, if the normal command is make start, then for production environment, use make start-prod. Do this modification to each command you want to run in production environment.

Exceptions: You cannot use the above method for test commands, test commands are same for every environment. Also the make system-prune command is standalone with no production specific variation (Remains same in all environments).

  • Start Applcation

    $ make clean
    $ make build
    $ make start
    # OR
    $ docker-compose up -d
  • Stop Application

    $ make stop
    # OR
    $ docker-compose stop
  • Remove and Clean Application

    $ make clean
    # OR
    $ docker-compose rm --force -v
    $ echo "y" | docker system prune
  • Clean System

    $ make system-prune
    # OR
    $ echo "y" | docker system prune


  • To check the whole application Logs

    $ make check-logs
    # OR
    $ docker-compose logs --follow --tail=10
  • To check just the python app’s logs

    $ make check-logs-app
    # OR
    $ docker-compose logs --follow --tail=10 identidock